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The health and safety of our employees are paramount, and we set goals to improve performance continuously.

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Occupational Health and Safety

The three elements of our approach to managing safety include training, response and tracking. The graph below displays Lancaster Colony’s incident and lost day frequency rate trends for the fiscal years ending June 30, 2018 through 2020 (FY18 – FY20). When viewed over time, these are best-in-class numbers and reflect our continuing commitment to keeping our employees safe, healthy, and strong.

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In FY20, Lancaster Colony formally adopted a Diversity Hiring Statement. This action reiterates our commitment to including highly qualified women, minorities, and other candidates with diverse backgrounds, skills, and experiences. Our percentage of female employees was 36.49%, and we will continue to strive to ensure a continuous trend toward equality. During this reporting year, the percentage of our employees who represented minority races and/or ethnicities was 44.80%. Asian, African American, and Hispanic accounted for our largest minority groups.

Great Place to Work, Certified June 2020 - 2021, USA 75% of respondents think we are a great places to work!

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

To meet our goals and continue increasing our value, we need ongoing input and feedback from our most important assets – our employees.

From town halls to announcements to surveys, Lancaster Colony relies on various forms of employee engagement to understand how to create the best place to work. In recent years, employee engagement has increased awareness of employee recognition programs, knowledge sharing, team building, promoting, and retaining talent.

In FY20, Lancaster Colony invited 3,083 personnel to respond to its annual employee survey, and 81% responded, both increases from FY19.

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