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Beyond Lancaster Colony's core Marzetti®, New York Brand Bakery® and Sister Schubert's® brands and products, our other popular brands and products include:

Flatout® flatbread (visit flatoutbread.com)
Reames® frozen egg noodles (visit reamesfoods.com)
Bantam Bagels® stuffed bagels (visit bantambagels.com)
Angelic Bakehouse® sprouted grains (visit angelicbakehouse.com)
Ceasar Cardinis™ speciality dressing (visit chathamvillageco.com)
Girardi's® speciality dressing (visit girardssaladdressing.com)

We also produce and sell a variety of dressings and sauces under exclusive license agreements to the retail market, including
Chick-fil-A® sauces, Buffalo Wild Wings® sauces and
Olive Gardens® dressings.

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